RJC Code of Conduct Policy

Introduction Simoro Kuyumculuk San. ve Tic. Ltd., as a distinguished entity in the gold, silver, and diamond jewellery sector, is steadfastly committed to operational excellence underpinned by the Responsible Jewellery Council’s (RJC) Codes of Practices. Recognizing the imperative of sustainable and ethical business conduct, this expanded policy delineates our comprehensive strategy towards integrating and actualizing the RJC’s foundational principles. Through adherence to these codes, we aim to fortify our reputation as an industry leader while contributing positively to the global jewellery supply chain.

Purpose and Scope The enhanced purpose of this policy is not only to affirm our commitment to ethical sourcing, human rights, and environmental stewardship but also to set a benchmark for transparency and corporate governance within and beyond our industry. This policy applies expansively to every facet of our operations—ranging from procurement to product distribution—encompassing all employees, suppliers, business partners, and any entity associated with Simoro Kuyumculuk San. ve Tic. Ltd.

Comprehensive Due Diligence and Compliance a. In an effort to surpass the basic compliance requirements, we undertake rigorous due diligence processes that extend beyond our immediate operations to encompass our entire supply chain. This includes detailed investigations into our suppliers’ practices, ensuring they align with the RJC’s ethical, social, and environmental standards. b. We will establish an internal RJC compliance task force dedicated to the continuous monitoring and assessment of our adherence to the Codes of Practices. This task force will be empowered to make recommendations for improvements and ensure that all staff are trained and well-versed in these principles.

Ethical Business Conduct a. Our commitment to ethical business conduct is unwavering. Beyond merely avoiding unethical practices, we strive to be a beacon of integrity in the industry, setting a high moral standard for others to follow. b. We will implement a zero- tolerance policy towards any form of corruption or bribery, actively promoting fair trade practices and ensuring that all our business dealings are transparent and equitable.

Enhanced Human Rights and Labour Practices a. Recognizing the inherent dignity of every individual, our policy includes comprehensive measures to safeguard human rights and promote fair labour practices across our operations and supply chain. This includes ensuring safe working conditions, equitable treatment of all employees, and strict adherence to labour laws and international human rights standards. b. We commit to conducting regular human rights impact assessments and labour audits, leveraging findings to drive continuous improvement in our practices and policies.

Environmental Stewardship a. Our environmental stewardship initiatives go beyond compliance, aiming to contribute positively to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of our ecological footprint. This includes investing in sustainable technologies, promoting recycling and waste reduction, and supporting biodiversity conservation projects. b. We pledge to continuously evaluate and mitigate our environmental impact, setting ambitious targets for reducing emissions, energy use, and water consumption.

Supply Chain Integrity and Partnership a. We recognize the critical role of our suppliers and partners in achieving our RJC compliance goals. As such, we are committed to fostering strong, ethical relationships with all stakeholders, encouraging transparency, and mutual respect. b. Through collaborative initiatives and capacity-building efforts, we aim to elevate the standards across our supply chain, ensuring that our partners are equally committed to responsible practices.

Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting a. Our approach to stakeholder engagement is holistic, aiming to build trust and foster dialogue with communities, NGOs, industry bodies, and other relevant entities. We believe in the power of collaboration to address the challenges facing our industry. b. We will enhance our reporting mechanisms to provide comprehensive insights into our sustainability efforts, compliance with the RJC Codes of Practices, and our contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Continuous Improvement and Leadership a. Our journey towards excellence is ongoing. We are committed to continuous learning, innovation, and improvement in every aspect of our operations. By leading by example, we aspire to inspire positive change within the jewellery industry and contribute to the broader goal of sustainable development. b. Regular policy reviews, stakeholder feedback, and benchmarking against industry best practices will guide our efforts, ensuring that our RJC compliance policy remains relevant, effective, and aligned with our corporate values and vision.

Conclusion The expanded version of the Simoro Kuyumculuk San. ve Tic. Ltd. RJC Code of Practices Compliance Policy reflects our deep-rooted commitment to ethical, sustainable, and responsible business practices. Through diligent implementation, rigorous monitoring, and an unwavering commitment to improvement, we aim to not only comply with the RJC Codes of Practices but also to lead the way in ethical excellence within the jewellery sector.